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Hi, I'm the admin of this site. This is where I can express myself and talk about things I find interesting whilst also being able to share my projects. I'm currently working as an independendant security researcher. This is what I have always been doing, talking to anyone who would listen about my findings (You). I have been concentrating on playing CTF and hunting malware, along with poking holes in anything I come across along the way. I will be posting here about these holes that I find and anything else I deem interesting or in some way educational & informational. I hope that you enjoy the content and find something useful to take away from it.

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Campo Loader - Simple but effective

Campo Loader is a simple but effective malware distribution chain that has been used in tandem with BazarCall to spread malware such as TrickBot and BazarLoader.

8 Min read

IXWare - Kids will be skids

IXWare is what happens when inexperienced malware developers create malware as a service. We'll be analysing IXWare and how it's used to attack players of the online video game Roblox.

17 Min read

DiamondFox - Bank Robbers will be replaced

DiamondFox Kettu is the newest addition to the DiamondFox family. In this post, I will be analysing and discussing how it functions, its encryption, and how it achieves its modularity.

43 Min read


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ThreatShare is an advanced threat tracker that publicly tracks command & control servers for malware.


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